Which Martial Arts System Is The Real Deal?

Martial arts, well what can you say that hasn't already been said? Things have certainly changed since they first started becoming popular back in the 60's and 70's. TV episodes of Kung Fu featuring David Carradine as a monk and those awesome Bruce Lee films we loved so much, and still love. But nowadays martial arts have become a little more real and in your face. With this in mind, this article is looking at the top 5 styles out there right now. We're not interested in those Van Damme spinning kicks, nor do we really care for Chuck Norris, but we do love a style that really works. So here you go, sorry if you don't happen to agree, but that's life!

Muay Thai

A true martial art that was developed centuries ago in Thailand, the army used this fantastic eight weapon art to defeat the Burmese Army over and over again. From those low roundhouse kicks to the crushing elbow strikes, Thai boxing is one martial art that works on the street just as well as it does in the ring, and the octagon. As with traditional boxing, the true strength of MT lies within the conditioning of the fighter and perfection of these massive strikes - Respect!

Active With Muay Thai

One of the most vicious of all styles, this Brazilian martial art is not one to be taken lightly. Although it can only be traced back to the early 20th century, it has certainly become one of the most popular styles on the full contact stage. A mixture of several other arts, Vale Tudo should be seen to be believed - Vicious!


Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is probably the most effective of all take down and grappling styles, just speak to the Gracie brothers about this. MMA is certainly the most popular stage for martial arts fans and fighters, so check out the most common denominator that the champions share. Yep, it's BJJ! With those killer choke holds and take down moves, what else could possibly compare?



Okay, this may seem like a bit basic compared to the other styles here, but take a second look. For over a century, boxing was the only full contact martial art on the world stage. These guys were so well conditioned and only needed a few techniques to put the other chap to sleep. This style is used on the MMA stage and we've seen a chunk of awesome fights that have ended after a fantastic hand technique. All of the top martial artists have some boxing training and Anderson Silva knows more about this style than most.

Greco Roman Wrestling

You may think that this one isn't really a martial art, but you'd be wrong, sorry! When freestyle martial arts competitions kicked off back in the 70's, this style really shocked a lot of people. The wrestler would often choke out the kickboxer and more often than not, these guys would go all the way.

Ghasem Gholamreza Rezaei, in red, on his way to the gold in the men's 96kg Greco-Roman wrestling

And The Winner is:

Although BJJ is probably the most effective of these arts by mixing up all of them, you would surely have the arsenal that would win the most fights. We salute each and every one of these styles and hope that they are practiced for centuries to come!